Financial Protection

Security Is Our Business

Even with the most advanced financial technologies and security protocols in place, it’s natural for your customers to still have some concerns about the safety of their money. Our Financial Protection Benefits provide your customers with financial peace of mind.

Protect Against Unauthorised Charges

With the increasing usage of online and digital payment gateways, fraudulent transactions have risen sharply in recent years. Through our Card Misuse coverage, we can protect your customers against unauthorised transactions or fraudulent activity.

Help When It’s Needed

It’s important to stay vigilant. If your customers are robbed at or within a set distance from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and within a set time period from when the cash was dispensed, our ATM Robbery cover ensures they will be reimbursed for their unfortunate loss of cash.

Thinking Of Loved Ones Back Home

Our remittance protection is for customers who are working away from home and transferring money back to their families on a regular basis. If there is a serious incident while they’re using their card to remit money to their immediate family, our Remittance Protection will ensure the payments can continue for the benefit of their loved ones back home.